Call for Contribution

Due to changes in our organizing group and to broaden the spectrum of perspectives included in our community, we are looking for interested people to become active contributors to our group. More specifically, we are looking for a co-organizer located in Zürich and a panel of experts to act as our board of advisors.

Who we are looking for


As co-organizer you help us to plan and organize our meetups by selecting topics, recruiting speakers, promoting events, and documenting results. Ideally, you’re based in Zürich and ready to facilitate our local meetup once in-person events become possible again. We are especially interested in considering non-male, non-white people for this role.

Expected workload:

Advisory Board

As member of the advisory board you help us to steer our group forward by identifying topical trends, considering organizational opportunities, setting goals and guidelines, and nurturing an inclusive culture. Ideally, you gained experience in data visualization in research, education, practice, organizing, business, or any other relevant area. We are especially interested in forming a diverse group of people with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Expected workload:

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in playing an active role in our group as co-organizer or member on our advisory board, send us an email or reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.